Star Professional Audio

Roger Drego and Star Professional Audio

In the 70s, when professional audio was never heard off, Roger Drego popularly known as RD decided to step into the world of professional audio. At that time International brands of loudspeakers, power amplifiers, lighting and staging gear were barely present in India. Moreover, the entire professional audio industry was still in its nascent stages and the Indian performing arts industry was still taking shape. Live events were far and few, but this did not discourage Roger from entering the industry. Gradually, Roger grew in the events and entertainment industry, and with time he founded three different companies – Electrocraft, Roger Drego Theatre Management and Star Professional Audio.

Roger Drego as a brand is owned and managed by Mumbai-based Star Professional Audio. The company specializes in making and developing loudspeakers, power amplifiers and professional audio gear for the installation market in the country. The philosophy of Star Professional Audio is to use innovative ideas and intelligent solutions to design and create new products. It has also diversified its expertise into the field of signal processing, power and cabling solutions, digital networks and various fields of electronics that come under the sphere of lighting and live and installed sound. The engineering team in the company takes in a lot of effort to deliver world-class products that not only look good but also sound impressive.

Star Professional Audio offers a wide range of products and product categories – from loudspeakers to power amplifiers, signal processing and installation gear, the company specializes in a variety of departments. For instance, in terms of loudspeakers we have different categories like installation, coaxial, monitors, subwoofers and line arrays. Even in the amplification section, there is a wide variety of power amplifiers to choose from.

Star Professional Audio’ products have already been installed across a number of nightclubs, restaurants, auditoriums, educational institutions, houses of worship and corporate establishments around the country. Despite being headquartered in Mumbai, the company has a strong presence all over the nation. So whether you aim to start a live sound rental company in Guwahati or a new auditorium is being constructed in Kochi, Star Professional Audio has the products, the expertise and the ability to provide an after-sales service to you long after you have purchased any of its products.

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