World Culture Festival 2016 – Sound by Roger Drego – Electrocraft

In the year 2016, live sound installation and management were executed by Mr. Roger Drego and his team Electrocraft at one of the biggest events in India. The World Culture Festival (WCF) at the Yamuna floodplains in New Delhi was held from 11–13 March 2016. and was organised by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to celebrate the Art of Living Foundation’s 35 years in service. It was attended by about 3.5 million people in audience and 37,000 artists over 3 days. The performances were held on a stage that was 100 feet tall by 1,200 feet wide with an area of seven acres. The mammoth scale of the event required a deployment of around 1,700 officials for traffic management for this festival and around 300 officials were on standby for the other events to be held during the same time. You can try to make a wild guess now about the scale of the live sound arrangement! Take a look at the happenings there.

And yes, guess what, you are right, it was none other than Mr. Roger Drego and his Electrocraft team who were instrumental in the design, installation and management of sound for this grand festival. We don’t need to say more. Instead sit back and take a look at a few of the glimpses in this video clip that we have here for you. Without doubt you will find lots of information on the Internet on WCF, but the sound that Electrocraft set up and provided for this festival will reverberate in the memories of the audience and all the distinguished personalities attending the festival including our present Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. When you take a look at the clip of some snapshots, you will realize that It’s no wonder that Mr. Roger Drego is lovingly called as – ‘The Sound of India.’

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