Electrocraft Live Sound & Automation

St. Xavier’s Technical Institute, (XTECH), Mahim, Mumbai 400 016, India and Electrocraft are in the process of starting a One Year Part Time Certificate Course in Sound Engineering commencing on July 1, 2019, with a focus that stretches from basic concepts related to audio systems all the way up to live sound reinforcement requirements and techniques. The theoretical component and concepts of the training will be covered by XTECH.

The practical experiences and hands-on training will be executed and imparted by the Electrocraft team of Engineers/ Technicians and visiting faculty. XTECH and Xavier Institute of Engineering (XIE), both institutions are headed by Fr. Dr. John Rose SJ, who holds M.S. in Computer Engineering and PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Roger Drego, Managing Director of Electrocraft runs and manages St. Andrews auditorium with state of art equipment in audio installed, where some of the practical experiences for students will be conducted and others at live events. Electrocraft has a long list of sound and automation installations across many establishments like hotels, restaurants, auditoriums and corporate establishments, not only in the city of Mumbai but across the nation. The Electrocraft team has a wide experience in installing, managing and running the show at various large live events across the country with world class equipment in sound and automation.

The short video clip above is a pointer to the expertise of the Electrocraft team in sound and automaton management at events, festivals, etc. The first batch of students joining the Sound Engineering course at XTECH can look forward to professional training and exciting times through the entire course.

For more details and updates about the course in Sound Engineering keep checking up and visiting our website.

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