We have more and more and yet more to come!!!

The Sound Engineering Course at St. Xavier’s Technical Institute (XTECH) in collaboration with ELECTROCRAFT is looking forward to exciting and challenging training times for their students – more visuals of live sound equipment for you here, of the happenings at Shanmukhananda Hall, at Kings Circle in Mumbai yesterday, May 4, 2019, with a roaring Live In Concert performance by Padma Bhushan Udit Narayanji who performed live with a grand orchestra to his hit songs from his movies like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Darr, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – and many more.

PLAY AUDIO – “PEHELA NASHA” – Live performance audio – May 4, 2019 – recorded using mobile phone audio recorder app!!! 

Disclaimer: Audio copyrights belong to content creators of the music track above. 

Today, being a Sunday, when people can sit back and read a little bit more, I decided to write this piece of news in first person (after a long time) – and also because I was invited by Mr. Dave Drego of Electrocraft, to see the setup (as well as enjoy the show) in “first person”!!! I guess, I have more time to write and I guess you will have more time and patience to read!

Shanmukhananda Auditorium has sound equipment that is installed by Electrocraft, since a very long time. Additional equipment (in-ear) wireless earphones for musicians and vocalists, stage monitors (more on this in the next paragraph), more wireless microphones, wireless receivers, additional wired mics, multi-channel power amplifiers, an additional control console, etc., were brought in by Electrocraft specially for this show upon request. All that I saw inspired me to write this post in first person and spread the word on the kind of live sound events that are managed and executed by Electrocraft, the equipment required and used, equipment which you will be handling during your hands-on training and experiences for our Sound Engineering Course. Take a look-see at the pictures we have for you by clicking on the image below.

Click on the image above to view all photos.

With stage monitor speakers (or custom ear monitors), performers can hear their singing and playing on stage. This helps to improve the quality of live performances. Singers who can hear their singing clearly through monitor speakers can sing more in tune and more in rhythm with the backup band. A live sound engineer always cares enough to effectively handle the monitor mix. The vocalists can actually hear themselves when they sing despite the volume of the band.

Now here’s something interesting. Just imagine the setup for wireless in-ear earphones – the singers voice is picked up by the wireless microphone, received by the wireless receiver, processed through the mixing console, then wirelessly transmitted back to the ‘in-ear’ earphones through which the singer hears his/ her own voice – wow!!! My own stuff that I sent returned back to me! And imagine further that an identical setup is used for individual vocalists and musicians too.  That’s a multiple whammy of an arrangement!

And there’s an additional whammy to using ‘in-ear’ earphones in comparison to using (only) stage monitors. The earphones will help to minimize the ill-effects of acoustic feedback that can take place from loudspeakers to microphones. With reduced possibility of positive feedback, a better margin for raising the amplifier gain will exist. That’s killing two birds with the same stone!!!

We all love great live smashing, thumping and stunning sound and that’s what this course is all about. The biggest challenge in live sound is that there is no room or scope for failure. In contrast, in a controlled studio environment, without time restrictions and the virtually limitless possibility of “retakes” without stringent boundaries, the fear of disaster almost doesn’t exist. But for live sound events and management one can imagine the size of the Tsunami wave that would emerge from the audience in case of problems with sound quality or breakdowns! You might have to run for your life! This is what make things more challenging, more demanding and more exciting at the same time. This is what our Certificate Course in Sound Engineering is all about.

We shall be putting up more and more happenings soon enough. Your comments and reactions are welcome below.

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