Invitation for Guest Writers

Hello and good evening to all. 

Would you be interested in being an honorary guest writer for articles on topics related to the field of Sound Engineering on our website? If yes… then welcome aboard!!! 

This is to invite those of you who are established professionals in the field of Sound Engineering, as guest authors to contribute and share their experiences and knowledge in the form of articles on  Sound Engineering related topics on our website. Presently the invitation is limited to 5 guest authors, which may be increased depending on the responses received. 

If you are interested and wish to contribute original self-written matter for our website, send us your article in about 400 to 700 words, with an adequate title for your topic, along with two or three original images (clicked by you or images of diagrams drawn by you) pertaining to your content matter.

We will review (possibly edit if required) and publish the same on our website with your name as author. You will be credited for your article which will also be shared further across social media, once published on our website. 

If you are keen about it, get in touch with us and provide a brief (about 5 – 8 lines) biography about yourself along with your photograph (approximately 300 pixels width  x 400 pixels height), your article and related images attached to the following email address: 

Note that you are required to send original content written by you. By sending your articles for publishing on our website, you expressly acknowledge that your content is original and written by yourself, and the responsibility of any liabilities arising due to copyright issues rests on you.

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