Online Classroom

Welcome to our online Google Classroom

This is an Invitation to all to join our online Sound Engineering Google Classroom or a quick fun quiz, which will be the first thing that we will put up for you! The results of the quiz will be made available to you immediately. Just download the Google Classroom App from the play store and install it on your mobile phone. Be sure that you are logged in to your Google Account which you will be using to join the online classroom. Alternatively, in the search box, type in “” on your PC for Google Classroom, or search for “Google Classroom” in the search box on your browser, and sign in to your Google Gmail Account. Click on the + sign on top right to “Create or join your first class” and choose the option to “Join class”. You will be prompted to provide the class code where you enter the code k89ofg which is the class code for our online Google Classroom!

Click on this image above to go to Google Classroom (Class Code: k89ofg)

And voila! You have successfully joined our online SOUND ENGINEERING Google Classroom, which will be accessible from your smartphones as well as computers. Look around in the classroom and look out for a fun quiz on what makes for great sound quality in different environments. If the quiz has not been yet activated, come back again and soon you will find it. In any case, once you have joined our classroom, you will be automatically getting email from “xtechacademicrecords” for any activity and updates taking place in the online classroom.

Of course, the simplest way to join our online classroom is to click on the links given in this post or by clicking on the image above. You only need to remember that the class code to join is:


You can access our Google Classroom from anywhere on the go, even from the comfort of your home, on your PC or your smartphone. Get in touch with us if you have any difficulties to join our online Google Classroom!